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Yakuno House recognizes the importance of your personal information and responsibly protects your personal information.

Information to be collected

The information collected through this website includes the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address provided by the customer, as well as information related to browsing the site (Internet domain name, IP address, etc.).


The collected personal information will be used for the following purposes.

  • To get in touch with the customer to fulfill the service requested by the customer
  • To send information requested by the customer.
  • For the creation and analysis of analytical data to improve our services.
  • To be published as aggregated data that cannot identify individuals.
  • To inform customers of important information such as interruptions, discontinuances, and changes of the services we provide.
  • To encourage customers to use the services provided by our company if the customer consents in advance.

Scope of application

This privacy policy applies only to this website. For websites other than this website, the privacy policy of the respective website operator applies, even if the link destination is from this website. We are not responsible for the handling of personal information on such external web sites.

Disclosure of personal information

We will only disclose your personal information when requested by you, your delegated agent, or your legal representative.

Contact information

For enquiries regarding this privacy policy and your personal information, please use the enquiry form.

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