Time to share夜久野ハウスについて

Sharing a special time

Time to share
Farmers Inn

In an old farm house that has been inhabited for over 200 years

Get away from hectic daily life

A feeling of nostalgia, and just the right distance away…

Sitting around the fire, talking out loud without a care and creating special memories.

Welcome to Yakuno House

夜久野ハウス利用方法How to use Yakuno house

ーSharing a special timeー

Yakuno House is a rental house created by renovating an over 200 year old home.

Located in the deep mountains of Yakuno, it can be used as a base for short, medium- to long-term stay or, for travel and business purposes.

Owned by Marie Bowen from Australia.

While retaining the remnants of a nostalgic farmhouse, Marie has managed to create a truly relaxing space.

Enjoy peace and quiet in a room with a view of the garden, or sleep under the stars and wake up in the morning mist. Fully Immerse in nature.


For stay-and-go tourism

Yakuno House is in the northwestern part of Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture. Perfect as a base for travelling around the region. Nearest station is Shimoyakuno Station on the JR San-in Line.


In place of a hotel

Yakuno House has 3 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 7 adults. Infants can stay for free.


Business use for groups

Why not have your next team building sessions, or workshops here at Yakuno House. Our property includes fully equipped kitchen with an expansive 12 tatami living room where meetings can be held without worrying about time.


Event and home parties

Events and home parties
Daytime rental is also available. Please ask for more information.